Donorboxアカウント設定の流れ How to setup your Donorbox account



Donorbox is a fundraising platform for nonprofit organization which Heartship Myanmar Japan uses to collect donations. If you make a monthly donation or choose to save your information for next time, you will receive an email from Donorbox to setup an account. Here, we will go through the process step by step.

1. Donorboxから届くメールを確認する

You will receive an email like this from Donorbox. Please proceed by Clicking the link.

2. パスワード設定画面

Click Hereをクリックすると、このページが開きますので、メールアドレスを確認してパスワードを設定してください。

このページが開かない場合は、次の3. Donorboxのトップページをご覧ください。

If you are directed to this page, please set your password.

3. Donorboxのトップページ



You may be directed to this page, especially if you have donated via Donorbox before. In this case, please tap the three lines in the top right corner.

4. Donor Loginをタップする

3本線をタップすると、この画面になるので、Donor Login = 寄付者としてログイン を選んでください。

Then, select Donor Login.

5. ログインする


パスワードがわからない場合は、Forgot password? から再設定できます。

Enter your email and password to log in. You can also reset your password from Forgot password?

6. Donorbox にログイン後


This is what it looks like when you are logged in to your Donorbox account. You can see your Recurring Plans, past Donations from here. You may also change your email address or close your account from Account settings.


If you are stuck or have any questions, you can contact Donorbox or Heartship Myanmar Japan. It will help if you can provide a screenshot of your problems.

ご支援に感謝します! Thank you for your support!