Jacob’s Story

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida in the 1970’s. After I got my first camera in elementary school, I used it to see the world around me.  I attended the University of South Florida, then I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and started to document the underground music scenes in the Bay Area and Miami.  In 1999 I woke up in Tokyo.

I found both inspiration and acceptance in the streets of Tokyo. My work debuted in “CHUOKORON” (Central Review) featuring my NYC photo essay on the aftermath of 9-11.  

I began working with legendary hip-hop artist KRS-One on a documentary about KRS-One’s philosophy, life and work which premiered at SXSW in Austin Texas.

Beginning in 2006 my work reached even farther into the art world as my work was published in Europe and the USA including United Colors of Benetton’s art program Fabrica. 

I wanted to help others in need and became interested in nonprofit work for Myanmar after meeting Sawmi in 2012.  We quickly formed a friendship based on our mutual interest in helping the less fortunate.  

I continue my photographic journey through Instagram and free-lance work and I am currently working as an instructor in Japanese Universities.






Portrait Photo Credit@Giovanni Savino