Article published in local newsletter 地域発行紙で紹介していただきました


Heartship Myanmar Japan was introduced as one of the NPOs helping those in other countries in a local newsletter. 

Below is an English translation of the article in Japanese.

Heartship Myanmar Japan

Delivering what they need to those who need it

Since 2015, the NPO’s founder Sawmi and Tina had been delivering used soccer goods collected from youth soccer teams to children in Myanmar. However, following COVID and the military coup in 2021, the situation in the country has been getting worse and worse. Many people have been thrown into difficult circumstances such as no place to live and no food. Feeling that they needed to do something, they launched Heartship Myanmar Japan in October of the same year. Through their website, they convey information about the situation in Myanmar, conduct lectures, and raise funds through donations and sales of goods. Since logistics are disrupted and travel is difficult, donation money from Japan is sent to NGO staff in Myanmar via international money transfers who then conduct donation activities needed in the area. The direct connection with local teams enables them to ensure that the goods are promptly delivered to those in need. Up until today, they have conducted multiple rice donations, rebuilt houses, and supported the reopening of a school with relief funds.

One thing they always keep in mind is to be very careful to ensure that photos and names of local NGO staff do not appear on their website. This is out of consideration for their safety since politically sensitive issues are also posted on the website. 

Another important aspect is to report in detail about their support activities and what’s happening in Myanmar. This leads to a two-way relationship with the recipients of the donations, rather than a one-way support system. Hopefully, this will lead to the expansion of the circle of support.

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