Medical Support 医療支援を開始します

Due to the continuation of air raids and bombings, the school in Satawm village had to close once again. Unfortunately, we do not know yet when it will be safe enough to reopen. In an effort to help them in any way we can, we have decided to send funds for a mobile clinic in the area run by volunteers of HPO




Since the coup, because of the unrest in the area and of the staff joining the civil disobedience movement, all the medical centers are closed.


About HPO Health  HPO医療とその活動について

The Hualngo Peoples Organization was established about a year ago by volunteers to make up for the social infrastructure that has collapsed after the military coup.

Hualngo Peoples Organizationは、クーデター後に崩壊している社会インフラを支えるべく立ち上がった民間の組織です。

A team of one doctor, one nurse and their assistants have started making medical trips in the area. On a recent trip, they covered 3 villages in 3 days. Common health problems they encountered were worm infestation and the flu. Medicine for children is also in high demand.


We will keep you updated on their work. Thank you for your continued support.


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