Rice donation in Kung-Chan-Kung 米配布のご報告

In September 2022, we conducted an emergency rice donation in Kun-Chan-Kung.


Kung Chan Kung is a fishing town located about 60 km (3 hours by car) from the center of Yangon with about 200 households. Normally they fish during the night, and then sell the fish in the nearest town which is about one hour away by motorcycle. However, due to restrictions imposed by the junta (curfew and banning the use of motorcycles) many lost their income, and because they are located away from the city, no other jobs are available.

Kung Chan Kungは、ヤンゴンの中心部から約60km(車で3時間)に位置する漁師町で200世帯ほどが暮らしています。夜中に漁に出た後、オートバイで1時間かかる最寄りの町で魚を売っていましたが、国軍による規制(夜間外出禁止、オートバイ禁止)で収入を失ってしまいました。都市部からは離れているため、ほかの仕事もありません。

Upon receiving their request for help, we decided to distribute rice to the 20 most needy households. A Korean missionary family in Kun-Chan-Kung helped to purchase, sort, and distribute approximately 485 kg of rice.


The lady in the black glasses is from the missionary family who went around to distribute rice to the desperate families. They did not receive any rice, but were more than happy to help, commenting repeatedly how grateful they are for the donation from Japan. We are sending their regards to our donors🙏 Thank you so much!


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