Dalah Water Project begins 貯水槽プロジェクト スタート!

Thanks to our donors, Heartship Myanmar Japan has been able to begin a new project to clean an abandoned cistern in the area so that more people can easily have access to clean water.

【Current Situation 現状】

There is no running water in Dalah and people must walk up to 40 minutes to a reservoir. It makes life very hard, especially for those who are not strong enough to carry heavy water tanks. (Some people earn money by carrying water. About 500-700 kyats or 30 to 40 JPY per trip depending on the amount of water.) 


【The Plan 計画】

■The old cistern will be cleaned. Gutters and pipes will be constructed to collect rainwater from the roof of a shed in the church compound into the cistern.



■This cistern will hold 6,650 gallons (about 25,000 liters) of water.


■A hand water pump will be installed.



■We will also build a security house around the cistern, so water usage can be regulated. The head of local administration has agreed to take charge of facility maintenance.



■In the future, we would also like to consider installing water tanks in the security house.


【Estimate 費用】


All of your donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to support projects like this.

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This is a translation from The Tokyo Shimbun. NHK has also reported the news. 東京新聞の記事をご紹介します。NHKでも報道されています。 昨年2月にクーデターを起こし、多数の市民を殺害しているミャンマー国軍から防衛省が留学生を受け入れて訓練をしているのは、弾圧に加担する暴挙だとして、超党派の「ミャンマーの民主化を支援する議員連盟」(中川正春会長)は17日、岸信夫防衛相と林芳正外相宛ての文書で、受け入れ中止を要請した。国軍に対抗してミャンマーの民主派が樹立した「挙国一致政府(NUG)」のソーバラテイン駐日代表も同様の要請文を提出した。 Japan’s Ministry of Defense has been accepting foreign students