Fundraising For Myanmar Refugees ミャンマー難民支援の募金活動

On Sunday, March 6, Heartship Myanmar Japan participated in fundraising for the Hualngoram Peoples Organization (HPO) support group in Japan at Futago-Tamagawa Station. 

3月6日、ハートシップ・ミャンマー・ジャパンは、二子玉川駅にてHPO(Hualngoram Peoples Organization)ジャパンの募金活動に参加しました。

Hualngo is an area in Chin state, Myanmar, where Heartship Myanmar Japan’s founder Sawmi is from. Chin State is located in northwestern Myanmar sharing borders with India and Bangladesh. It is the least developed state in Myanmar, one of the reasons being that it is surrounded by mountains and very difficult to access from the rest of Myanmar. International aid rarely reaches this remote area.



Since the coup in February 2021, the junta has been attacking many villages in this area, burning houses and forcing villagers to flee for their lives


It is estimated that over 20,000 of them are now in Mizoram state, India, living as refugees with very little resources. They are in desperate need of medical equipment, medicine and daily necessities. The Hualngoram Peoples Organization (HPO) has recently rented a house in Mizoram to take care of the refugees. All funds collected in Japan (¥200,634) are being sent to HPO in Mizoram.

現在、そのうちの2万人以上がインドのミゾラム州にいると推定され、わずかな資源で難民として生活しています。医療機器、医薬品、日用品が切実に必要とされています。HPO(Hualngoram Peoples Organization)ではミゾラム州に家を借りて、難民支援を開始しました。今回日本で集められた募金(¥200,634)はすべて、ミゾラムのHPOに送られます。

With the Hualngoram Peoples Organization (HPO) support group in Japan

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