Thantlang City Burning 焼かれるタンタラン市

Houses are burning in Thantlang city, Chin State, Myanmar. Thankfully, no citizens were there during the attack, but this does not mean that the people are not suffering.

Thantlang is one of the biggest cities in Chin State with a population of about 10,000.

The Chin National Front (CNF) and Chin National Army (CNA) are both based in this area. These are both people’s armies that merged their resources  to protect the people from the junta. The Chinland Defense Force (CDF), another large people’s army, also has a strong presence in this area as they have won several battles in nearby cities.

The junta’s first attack on Thantlang happened on September 18, 2021 which led to the death of Pastor Van Biak Hum. He was an innocent citizen who had rushed to extinguish a building that had been set ablaze, only to be shot to death by the junta’s soldiers.  Horrifically, the soldiers cut off his finger to steal his gold wedding ring.  Pastor Van Biak Hum is survived by a wife, two young children and the pastor’s unborn child.

After this attack, the citizens fled from the city fearful of being killed. About 6,000 citizens have become refugees in Mizoram State, India. Others are hiding out in different villages nearby.

A  second attack occurred on Oct 29, 2021. The junta was firing incendiary rockets into Thantlang city, burning down houses and prominent buildings such as churches. (164 houses, 2 churches, 1 church office, and 1 bank as of Oct 30)  Now, the people have no place to go back to, as much of the city has been burnt to the ground. 


タンタラン市は人口10,000人ほどのチン州では大きな市で、市民を守るために結成された民兵組織のChin National Front (CNF=チン民族戦線)とChin National Army (CNA=チン民族軍)がこのエリアを拠点にしています。また、民兵組織としては大規模なChinland Defense Force (CDF=チン防衛軍)も近隣の都市で戦いに勝利しています。




Photo Credit@Chinland Post

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