On October 12, the junta sent reinforcements and launched a major operation against Chin Armed Forces across Chin State.  It was widespread that the Commander in charge of Chin State planned to destroy all the fighters including the headquarters of Chin National Front/Chin National Army called Camp Vitoria. 

The junta, on their way, destroyed houses in several villages.  Villagers are facing many challenges including loss of lives and properties which caused them to flee from their homes taking shelters in camps or in the jungles. 

From 13 to 19 October, the hunja burnt 26 houses in 3 different villages and destroyed a church.  20 soldiers were killed, 40 were injured and 16 military trucks were destroyed by the Chin Allied Army. 




photo credit@Zalen

These and other related stories have been reported in the media such as the New York Times. ニューヨークタイムスなどのメディアでも報じられています。

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