“We have 6 children”  「子供が6人います」

Meet the people we are helping through your donations.


My name is Mi Tu, this is my husband and we have 6 children.  

Behind us is our house.  Our house is collapsing but we don’t have money to rebuild.  

My husband is a laborer who carries things at bus gates or ports. 

My job is Pa-Laung-Koh. I search and collect plastic and sell them. (*Many usually collect at trash sites) 

Thank you for the rice donation and if you have plans for the next donation, I would like to request for rice.  It is so helpful.

Mi Tu と言います。夫と6人の子供たちです。

後ろに写っているのが我が家です。 今にも潰れそうな状態だけど建て替えるためのお金がありません。




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