Donation Report 米の配布を実施しました

Rice donation in Dalah city

Thanks to our donors we were able to send ¥100,000 (about US$1,000) on November 16, 2021.

With this money, we bought 38 bags of rice.  One bag is about 50kg, making a total of nearly 2 tons of rice.

The rice was first divided into small plastic bags of about 2kg each. Volunteers repacked the rice last time, but laborers were hired for this distribution since there was much more rice to handle. 

Once again, Dalah city was chosen for the donation. Dalah is a very big district and there are many households we could not cover last time.  

There are other organizations that donate in the Dalah area, however most of the time only houses on the main road get the donation. To make sure we can reach families living in the small streets, we got help from a Christian Minister, Saya Paing Htet.  The minister made cards and distributed them to households who would get rice.   

The donation took place on November 21, 2021. Thanks to the cards distributed beforehand, there was no fighting or confusion and the distribution went very smoothly.

A big truck was rented to bring rice bags from the rice shop to the minister’s house.  A smaller vehicle was rented to transport the rice bags to the houses.

During the next few weeks, we will be posting interviews of the people we were able to help. Please follow us for the latest updates.





前回の配布では行き届かなかった住民が多くいるので、配布地域は今回もDalahダラ町に決定。ダラ地域では他団体による配給も実施されることがあるのですが、大きな通りに面している家しか受け取れないことが多いそうです。細い道に住む世帯にも配布を実施したいと考えキリスト教の牧師Saya Paing Htetに協力を頼んだところ、米と引き換えできるカードを作成し、特に困っている世帯にそのカードを配布してくれました。




2 thought on “Donation Report 米の配布を実施しました”

  1. Wonderful, I’m pleased to contribute something to the people of Myanmar and will continue to do so in my capacity.
    Thank you for the detailed report on the rice hand outs, it’s good to know how the donations are spent and it seems very organised!

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