Attack Continues in Thantlang City 攻撃が続くタンタラン市

The photo shows the beautiful Thantlang city, which is now gone. We made a report about Thantlang city in October.  This report will give an update on that precious report.


Burning Houses

On September 18, 2021 the junta had set buildings on fire and killed a pastor who had been there to help and extinguish the fire.  On that day alone, 19 houses were burnt to the ground. 

Since then, the junta has invaded the city 11 times and altogether, 530 homes have been destroyed  including 4 churches and orphanages. This means means more than 25% of the finest  houses have been intentionally  destroyed by junta arsonists. 

The houses that have been burnt down are located on the main street and are reported  to be the finest houses in town.  

Tragic Deaths

On December 8, once again the junta came to Thantlang and were about to set fire to one of the churches. CDF(Chin Defense Force) -Thantlang tried to stop them, but unfortunately, they were ambushed by the junta. Many were injured, and 3 killed.  Their bodies were retrieved on December 9, and were sent to their respective villages on December 10, where they were buried with Christian burial.  CNJ has reported that their heads had been cut off.

Tough Road to Recovery

Thantlang is located in Chin State, which is the least developed area in Myanmar. Therefore, rebuilding the city will be extremely difficult. Construction supplies are not available in the near areas, so everything must be carried from far away on undeveloped roads. It is said that building houses in Thantlang costs double or even triple compared to Yangon.

Most of the citizens have fled the city after the first attack in September in fear of being killed. Today, more than 3 month later, about 7,500 Thantlang citizens are refugees in Mizoram State, India, and 8,500 are hiding in nearby villages.


2021年9月18日、軍が市の建物に火を放ち、消火活動にあたった牧師を殺害しました。 その日だけで19軒の家が焼失しました。




12月8日、またも軍がThantlangにやってきて、教会の一つに火をつけようとしました。CDF(Chin Defense Forceチン防衛軍)-タンタランは彼らを止めようとしましたが、不幸にも待ち伏せされ、多くが負傷、3人が死亡しました。 遺体は12月9日に回収され、12月10日にそれぞれの村に運ばれ、キリスト教式で埋葬されました。 CNJ(Chin News Journal) によると、彼らの頭は切り落とされていたそうです。




PhotoCredits@Zalen / Chin News Journal (CNJ)

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