“Sometimes we have to run away from the police” 「警察に追いかけられることもあります」

Another interview from the people who are struggling in Myanmar today. The talk took place after our latest rice donation.


“We are so grateful, happy about the rice donation. It is really helpful. “

“This is a very hard time. Food is so scarce, so we are so thankful.  We don’t have enough food to eat.  Two pyis is a lot for us.” (1 pyi =2kg)

“There was an old lady, Daw Phyu, who didn’t get the rice, but the staff personally stopped to give her rice.”

“We earn 2500 Kyats (about US$1.50) a day as Pa-Laung-Koh (=collecting and selling plastic). It’s not considered as a real job, and sometimes we have to run away from the police.”


「今はとても大変な時期です。食料が不足しているので、とてもありがたいです。 2パイの米は十分な量です。」

「お米をもらえなかったDaw Phyuという、おばあさんがいたのですが、スタッフが自ら足を止めてお米をあげてくれました。」


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