2 tons of Rice Delivered 米2トンを配布しました

3rd Rice Donation in Dalah

This time, we were able to send ¥120,000(about US$1,000) to our partner NGO in Yangon. On 30 January 2022, 2,050kg of rice was donated to 495 households.


Rice brought to Minister’s house

Like last time, Christian minister Saya Paing Htet consulted with the heads of the blocks, made exchange tickets and distributed them to the households that would receive rice.  The purpose is to avoid unnecessary quarrels between the people and not to skip any households. 

前回同様、キリスト教牧師のSaya Paing Htetに協力をお願いし、各ブロックのリーダーと相談した上で引換券を作成し、配ってもらいました。こうすることで住民同士の争いを防ぎ、米をもらい損ねる世帯がないよう配慮しました。

Loading rice to rented 3 wheel vehicle

On the day of distribution, we rented two 3-wheeled vehicles and gathered at the minister’s house. We began by dividing the rice into small plastic bags of  about 2kg each. Last time, we hired people at the rice shop to do this, but this time we asked church members for a small fee.


Church members packing rice

Large crowds needed to be avoided not only because of COVID, but also because of the political situation.  Therefore, instead of asking the people to make a que, our staff decided to bring the rice to each small street.  Although there were a few places where people started to line up, the lines were smaller compared to our last donation.


Giving out rice in exchange of rice ticket

Thank you so much to those who donated. We ask for your continued support and please stay tuned for more interviews and voices from Myanmar.


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