“Both my husband and I have no work” 「夫も私も仕事がありません」

Interview part 3 from Dalah, where HMJ organized a rice donation.
HMJが米の配給を実施したダラの町からインタビューpart 3をお届けします。

My name is Than Than Myint and I am 37 years old.  My husband used to be a farmer but now he will do anything. I used to be a cleaner but for the last 4 months, both my husband and I have found no work. I am so grateful to receive the rice during such difficult times.  

I am also very happy that I was able to help in the donation process as a volunteer.  I packed the rice into small plastic bags and helped with the distribution. 

HMJ comment: Thanks to volunteers like her, we were able to distribute the rice smoothly in a short time.

Than Than Myint, 37歳です。夫は農業をしてましたが、今はなんでもやります。私は掃除の仕事をしてましたが、この4ヶ月は夫婦で仕事がありません。大変な時にお米をもらえてとても感謝しています。



*Donations welcome. Please help us support families like Than Than Myint.
*寄付ページ Than Than Myintのように困っている家庭を支援します

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