Managing the water tank 貯水タンクの管理

Today we are sharing an interview with the man who takes care of the water tank facility we built last summer.
去年の夏に寄付金で整えた貯水設備の管理をしてくれているMyint Ayeさんのインタビューをお届けします。

“Hello! My name is Myint Aye, and I am in charge of this water tank. Water will be distributed under my management, on every Wednesday for the families living in this area.”

「Myint Ayeです。貯水タンクの管理をしています。毎週水曜日に、近隣に住む住民たちに水を配布しています。」

”This water project is so beneficial for the people living in this area because during summer, clean water (drinking water) is very scarce. ”


”The reservoir pond is about 30 mins one way, so it is very difficult for the elderly or those with disabilities to carry the water. Many have to pay for that service.  This water tank allows us to save water during the rainy season and distribute it equally.  ”


”I’m so grateful to all the donors.”


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