Teacher’s Training in Chin State 教師養成クラスの実施

Since the military coup in February 2021, many schools in Myanmar remain closed which is why HMJ has been supporting education by sending funds to run a school in Satawm village and purchase a printer to create teaching material to be used in the whole Hualngoram area in Chin State, Myanmar.

As a next step upon request by HPO (Hualngoram People’s Organization), we have decided to help conduct a Teacher’s Training course.

About 100 teachers signed up for the course. Some have teaching experience, but many are volunteers who want to help their community.

Nearly 100 teachers signed up for the training course which took place from Sept 12 to 22.

次のステップとして、HPO(Hualngoram People’s Organization)の要請を受け、教師養成クラスの実施を支援することにしました。


Here are some photos from the opening ceremony held on the first day. These teachers will go back to their villages to educate the children.


The main cost for conducting the teacher’s training course was the purchase of a projector.


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