Mobile Clinic Report 移動クリニック実施のご報告

The second mobile clinic funded by HMJ was finally conducted on August 4 and 5, after being postponed due to the sudden death of a nurse and the injury of the only doctor in an accident in June. The most challenging part was transportation because there are no paved roads in the mountains.


It took a whole day to reach the first village, located 50 km away

This time, they traveled with a team of 25 people: 1 doctor, 5 nurses, 7 volunteer staff (car and motorcycle drivers), plus 12 members of the CHIN DEFENSE FORCE Hualngoram who provided security.

Since Myanmar is currently not a safe country, the CDF always accompanies HPO projects. Because they were in a particularly dangerous area (near junta army bases) this time, 12 CDF members accompanied the trip. (Normally 2 to 3)

今回は、医師1名、看護師5名、ボランティア(運転手)7名、そしてCHIN DEFENSE FORCE Hualngoram(CDFチン州防衛部隊)の隊員12名合計25名のチームで移動しました。


The mobile medical clinic was conducted in three villages: Zimte, Zimpui, and Tuidil. In total, they treated 145 patients, including 14  pregnant women.


Additionally, during this trip and afterward in August, the team visited 9 other villages to give vaccine shots to children and pregnant women. In total, 220 children (under age 3) and 51 pregnant women were vaccinated.

The vaccines were BGC, MMR, Pentavalent, PCV, and Polio for children and ATT(anti-tetanus) for pregnant women which were provided by CHO (Chin Health Organization), an organization founded by volunteer doctors after the military coup in 2021.


ワクチンは2021年の軍事クーデター後にボランティア医師たちによって設立されたCHO (Chin Health Organization)から提供されたもので、3歳以下の子供にBCG、MMR、5種混合、ポリオ、妊婦へはATT(破傷風)が接種されました。

Most hospitals have been closed since the military coup in 2021, and international aid rarely reaches this area in Chin State, Myanmar. Heartship Myanmar Japan hopes to continue to support the children and families in the future.


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