Water Project Update 貯水タンク視察

Myanmar has a tropical to subtropical monsoon climate with the hottest season being from March to May.  During this time in Yangon, it is very dry and hot as temperatures increase to 40 degrees Celsius or sometimes even more.  
ミャンマーは熱帯から亜熱帯のモンスーン気候で、最も暑い季節は3月から5月にかけて。 この時期、ヤンゴンは非常に乾燥し、気温は時として40℃以上にまで上昇します。
Water supply has always been a problem in Dalah Township, Yangon, especially in the hot season.  People usually get water from reservoir lakes, however, during the hot season two-thirds of the lakes dry up because of the high temperature.  
ヤンゴンのダラでは、暑い季節は特に水不足が問題になります。 普段は水を汲んでいる貯水池が高温のため、3分の2干上がってしまうからです。

Last year, HMJ funded a water project in Dalah to renew an abandoned underground water tank and build a security house around it. Rainwater is collected during the rainy season and distributed to local people. This water is the cleanest form of water available in that area and is used as drinking water and for cooking.


Water from this tank is designated for those living in the nearby area, and is available for distribution every Wednesday around 3 pm. 


Recently, our staff visited Dalah to check up on the facility and we were happy to see that the facility was being kept in good condition.


However, since there are still many more people who need clean water, we hope to donate more water tanks in the future.


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