Supporting education in Chin state 教育支援の様子

Last summer, we were able to restart school in Satawm village for the first time in about 2 years. Due to air raids in November, the school had to be closed for a while but has gradually been back to normal since the beginning of 2023.


Upon request from the HPO (the Hualngoram Peoples’ Organization) Heartship Myanmar Japan also sent funds to purchase a new A3 printer and laminating machine to print teaching material.
Here are some new photos of the purchased items and the teaching material they have been making for the children.

HPO (Hualngoram Peoples’ Organization) からの要請を受け、ハートシップ・ミャンマー・ジャパンでは教材を作成するためのA3大型プリンターとラミネーターの購入資金を送金しました。

We have also been told that freedom fighters were among those who helped put together the textbooks.


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