What’s Happening in Myanmar ミャンマーで起きていること

It is difficult to know accurately what is happening in Myanmar since people are afraid to speak for fear of retaliation from the military, and foreign journalists have left the country.
Other than the recent air strike killing more than 150 people that have been receiving international coverage, there are so many more horrific atrocities taking place in Myanmar. (Since there are so many incidents occurring everywhere across the country, here we have focused on Chin state.)

🔥March 30, 2023, eight civilians, including two children aged 6 and 9 were killed by the junta’s bombing in Khuafo village near Thantlang town, Chin State. On the same day, 13 houses were destroyed and burned to the ground, heavily injuring 10 villagers including a 12-month baby.   


🔥On March 31, the junta troops burned 10 houses at Kalar village and brutally murdered 7 villagers.


🔥On April 3, the junta burnt down 7 houses in Tlangzar village, Chin State.  


🔥On April 6, the junta burnt down 18 houses in Ramthlo village, Chin State.


🔥On April 10, 11 people including a Christian pastor was killed by the junta’s airstrike on Waibula village.  


(Reference情報: Chindwin News Agency post, Zalen, Salai William Hlawnceu)

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