Dalah Water Project – Additional Report 貯水槽プロジェクト - 追加報告

At the same time as the water project construction in August 2022, we installed water tanks in the four houses we previously built in the Dalah House Project, and passed bamboo bridges to the toilets in three of the houses.

 2022年8月に実施した貯水槽プロジェクトの工事と同時期に、以前Dalah House Projectで建てた4軒の家に貯水タンクを設置し、そのうちの3軒にトイレまでの竹橋を渡す工事を実施しましたのでご報告します。


Many of the houses in Dalah have bamboo roofs, but the 4 houses built by Heartship Myanmar Japan have zinc coated corrugated roofs, which can collect rainwater especially during the rainy season from June to October. We decided it was best for the families and for the neighborhood that each of these houses have their own water tank in order to make full use of their resources.


Water tanks to 4 houses 貯水タンク設置

500 liter tanks were installed in 3 houses. A larger 2,000 liter tank was installed in the larger house built inside the church compound.



Bamboo bridge to toilet トイレヘの竹橋

This is a view of the toilet from inside the house. When the house was built in April (dry season) it was possible to walk to the toilet normally, but during the rainy season, many areas are frequently flooded like this.



With the bamboo bridge complete, residents can now walk without getting wet.


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