Dalah House Project Complete! ダラ・ハウス・プロジェクト完成

Thank you so much to our donors!

Finally, we are able to share with you the details of the Dalah House Project.



After the junta destroyed many houses in the Dalah township in Yangon this February, we decided to help 4 families who desperately needed a place to live.

So, instead of the next rice donation, we used ¥180,000 to build a new house for the 4 families. (They are very simple houses.) As you can see in the breakdown of the costs, the construction company also made a donation by not charging any labor fees. 



4 new houses were completed in late April and the families have now happily moved in.

Please stay tuned, as we will be sharing an interview from each of the families during the next few weeks.



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