A look at school textbooks in Myanmar ミャンマーの小学校で使われている教科書

Beginning this summer, Heartship Myanmar Japan has been supporting education in Satawm village, Chin State, Myanmar through the Hualngo People’s Organization. After not being able to go to school for over 2 years due to COVID and the military coup, the children are now back in the classroom.

この夏から、ハートシップ・ミャンマー・ジャパンではHualngo People’s Organization を通してミャンマー、チン州サタウム村の教育支援を開始しました。コロナとクーデターで2年以上学校に通うことができなかった子供たちが、今、元気に登校しています。

Let us share some photos of the textbooks purchased with the donation money.


These are textbooks to learn the Myanmar language.


The Chin people normally use their own ethnic language which is very different from the standard Myanmar language. This means the children are learning two foreign languages at school; The standard Myanmar language (Burmese) and English.


Next, these are textbooks to learn English.


The following are textbooks for mathematics.


Donations to Heartship Myanmar Japan will help support this program so the children can continue to go to school🙏


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