Praying for peace in Myanmar 平和への願い


Two years have passed since the military coup. Let us share a message and song performed by various artists from Myanmar.
Some are Myanmar singers living in India as refugees, some are Indian citizens, and some are US citizens. The singers connected remotely for the performance.
We hope that there will be peace in Myanmar as soon as possible.


【YouTube動画 冒頭メッセージと和訳】

”What’s happening in Myanmar. More than 3,000 innocent lives have been taken and at least 800 are detained. Ongoing military killing, imprisoning opponents, attacking innocent civilians by the military junta. Current air strikes in Mindat and Camp Victoria also hitting the Indian border.  ”


”It has been exactly 2 years since the Myanmar military coup has taken over. Many Chin refugees have fled to Mizoram to find shelter and safety. Some are currently living in unstable camps.”


”We want to ask the world to help stop this war. To stop dictatorship. Help our brothers and sisters, the people of Myanmar seek justice and democracy. ”


“We can make this world a better place. You and me. ”


Chinlung Chuak Artists present “We Are The World”.

「Chinlung Chuak Artistsによる “We Are the World”,  皆さんに届きますように。」

2 thought on “Praying for peace in Myanmar 平和への願い”

  1. I am deeply moved by listening to this singing.
    All my pray is sent to Myanmar people.

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