Chin Cuisine at Spring Revolution Restaurant スプリング・レボリューション・レストランでチン民族料理

Chin Cuisine Day was a Great Success

Sawmi and the Chin Community of Japan cooked for the Spring Revolution Restaurant in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The restaurant is run by volunteers and all the profit is donated to Myanmar. Today was the first time the restaurant served Chin cuisine. (There are many ethnic groups in Myanmar, each with their own culture, cuisine, language, etc.)

Many people came to enjoy the food and to support Myanmar, making the day a big success! People were lining up outside the restaurant, and some of the food ran out earlier than expected. Thank you Sawmi for arranging everything and cooking until 3 am in the morning! 

New Flyers for Heartship Myanmar Japan

And thank you to Spring Revolution Restaurant for allowing us to leave our Heartship flyers at the restaurant. The live music/singing was great as well!

If anybody would like to support us by passing out our flyer, please contact us and we will send them to you.


ソウミChin Community in Japan (チン民族在日コミュニティ)が、東京・池袋にあるスプリング・レボリューション・レストランの料理を担当しました。ボランティアによる運営で、収益はすべてミャンマーに寄付されているこのレストラン。チン民族の料理が提供されるのは今日が初めてでした。(ミャンマーには多くの民族が存在し、料理だけでなく文化や言語まで違います。)



また、ハートシップのチラシを置いてくださったSpring Revolution Restaurantにも心から感謝です。BGMでミャンマーの曲を歌ってくれたメンバーの歌声も素敵でした!


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