Refugee families moving to Satawm village 避難民家族、サタウム村に移住

During the past few years following the military coup, the area was unstable for quite some time. Whenever battles between the junta and the local CDF (Chin Defense Force) became intense, resulting in air raids, many families left their homes and fled to Mizoram State, India, or hid in their huts on the farm.

Now that the junta is gone and Hualngoram is a safe area, not only have many families returned to Satawm, but others have moved in as refugees.


しかし、付近に国軍基地がなくなり、HPO(Hualngoram People’s Organization)が主導権を握るようになった今、多くの家族がサタウム村に戻っただけでなく、他地域からの避難民家族も引っ越してきました。

Students of refugee families moved in in March 2024 from the Kalay area, Sagaing Division, where many Chin people live.  

There, the junta has been killing villagers and burning houses day after day.



Although Hualngoram is now safe, intensive fighting between the military and resistance groups continues in other areas, leaving many parts of the country in chaos.


These students had fled to Mizoram State, India, with their families, but they are now back in Satawm village, Hualngoram.

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