Life Changed by the Coup クーデターで奪われた日常

On the 1st of February 2021, the Myanmar military carried out a coup d’etat.  They deposed and detained the country’s key government officials.  This is an outrageous assault on Myanmar’s democracy which shattered the hopes and dreams of Myanmar’s people. 

Since then, hundreds and thousands of locals have been gathering in the streets to protest peacefully against the coup and to get their message across to the international community.  The military junta brutally cracked down on peaceful protests to maintain their political power and to protect the leader of the coup.  Soldiers are patrolling the streets, cutting internet connections, and enforcing curfews in many places.  They have arrested people, destroyed property, broken into houses, robbed and engaged in theft.  More than 1000 people, including children, are known to have been killed by the junta’s security forces in the crackdown.



These and other related stories are also being reported in the New York Times. ニューヨークタイムスなどのメディアでも報じられています。

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