Myanmar on ‘precipice of humanitarian crisis’, UN warns 「人道危機の崖っぷち」国連が警告

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So many people in Myanmar, are in need of help. This is an article from The Guardian.
ミャンマーでは、あまりにも多くの人々が助けを必要としています。英The Guardianの記事を和訳と共にシェアします。

One-third of the population needs humanitarian aid 人口の3分の1が人道支援を必要

AFP at the United Nations

Mon Dec 18, 2023

‘Children are bearing the brunt of the crisis with 6 million children in need as a result of displacement,’ UN’s Marcoluigi Corsi said.


One-third of the population of Myanmar, or more than 18 million people, require humanitarian aid, the United Nations warned as it seeks $1bn in donations next year to combat the need.


The humanitarian situation in Myanmar has worsened since the coup nearly three years ago 3年前のクーデター以降、人道状況は悪化の一途をたどる

“Myanmar stands at the precipice in 2024 with a deepening humanitarian crisis that has spiraled since the military takeover in February 2021 with the civilian population that is now living in fear,” said a report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) published on Monday. 


The 18.6 million people who are in need of humanitarian assistance is 1 million more than a year ago and 19 times as many as in 2020, before the coup.


“Children are bearing the brunt of the crisis with 6 million children in need as a result of displacement, interrupted health care and education, food insecurity and malnutrition, and protection risks including forced recruitment and mental distress,” warned Marcoluigi Corsi, the UN’s interim humanitarian coordinator for Myanmar.


The report highlighted the particular concern of mass displacement, with nearly 2.6 million people pushed out of their homes as of 11 December – an increase of 1.1 million since the same time last year – including more than 660,000 people who have been displaced since late October amid the escalating conflict between the military and ethnic minority fighters in the country’s north.


“Conflicts and violence are expected to worsen in 2024,” the report said, while denouncing “systematic military violence against civilians”.


Given the dire circumstances, OCHA called Monday for $994m (£786m) in donations to help the 5.3 million people that have been identified as priorities for aid in Myanmar in 2024.


“We cannot afford a repeat of the gross underfunding seen in 2023,” when only 29% of required funding was met, Corsi said, pointing out that an estimated 1.9 million people who had been prioritised for aid in 2023 were not reached.


“Millions of lives are at stake and we all must do everything we can to prevent Myanmar becoming a forgotten emergency,” he said, as the majority of UN international aid programs remain underfunded.


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