68kg of Soccer goods Shipped to Myanmar サッカー用品68kgをミャンマーへ発送!

After seeing how much joy it brought the children last time, we asked the local football association to help us collect used soccer goods to send to Myanmar. The Urayasu Football Association helped us to conduct collections three times in March.


【Heavy-duty boxes donated for the long journey】

Boxes were donated from a local Panasonic electric store. These heavy-duty cardboard boxes, made for electronic appliances, are large and sturdy, essential for their long trip from Japan to mountainous villages in Chin State, Myanmar.



4 Boxes, 68kg of Soccer goods

In total, we collected over 68 kg of soccer goods, including 27 balls, 38 pairs of shoes, uniforms, athletic wear, socks, and even referee items.

We also added two purchased air pumps for the soccer balls. The balls are deflated in order to be shipped efficiently.

ダンボール4箱、総量 68kgのサッカー用品



Headed to Yangon by Ship

On April 9th, the boxes were collected to be shipped to Yangon by ship. This time, the cost was ¥300 per kilogram.

The estimated time to Yangon is about 30 to 45 days, and we are hoping they will arrive there safely. We hope to keep you updated on the journey of these donated items which are so precious to the children in Myanmar.



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