Education Office Update 教育本部 活動の様子

As we have informed you in our previous post, HMJ has decided to support the HPO Education Office so that education in the area can run smoothly. Although our budget could not cover the requested amount of 12,000,000 Myanmar kyats (about 530,000 JPY or 3,500 USD), upon discussion, we decided to set the staff salary to half the amount and sent 320,000 JPY (2,100 USD) as an annual fund in January.  
Today, we would like to share an update regarding this office.
 ハートシップ・ミャンマー・ジャパンでは、HPOの教育本部に資金援助することとしました。要望書の金額である12,000,000 ミャンマーチャット(約53万円)は予算的に負担できませんでしたが、スタッフの給与を提示額の半分とし、1年分の運営資金として今年1月に32万円を送金しました。

School Visits 学校視察

As of April, the office has conducted school visits in six villages. The visits aim to check the students’ progress, oversee teachers and determine whether they are working effectively, improve coordination between HPO and schools/villages, and learn about the problems they are facing.


Motorbikes for Travel 移動手段はバイク

Motorbikes are the most effective way to travel in Hualngoram where road conditions are minimal. Since the villages have no hotels, the staff always stay at a villager’s house for a small accommodation fee. 


41 Schools in 58 villages open  58村で41校が開校

Out of the 58 villages in the Hualngoram area, 41 schools are currently open. The staff will continue to conduct visits in other villages. Our leader Kima is currently in the process of teaching the other staff so they can conduct visits in a smaller team in the future.


The Education Office 教育本部

The HPO Education office recently moved to a new location at the border of India’s Mizoram State. In this environment, they are able to use India’s electricity, which is much more stable than that of Myanmar. In addition to doing office work to run the education system, they also make teaching material to hand out to villages.


Mizoram and Hualngoram インド、ミゾラムとHualngoramの関係

It is interesting to know that the people of Mizoram and Hualngoram share the same ethnic origin and the Mizo Language. The British divided the area into two countries, Burma (Myanmar) and India, in 1935.


Expenses of the past  過去3ヶ月分の支出

Record of staff salary payment
スタッフ給与 支払い記録

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