Donation from UFRA

With former UFRA Committee members Krystyna (Poland) and Monika (Indonesia).
From left, Krystyna, Sawmi, Monika, Tina.

The Urayasu Foreign Residents Association or UFRA was founded in 1986 to serve the needs of the foreign residents in Urayasu city as well as offer a bridge to the Japanese community. After many accomplishments and celebrating its 35th anniversary, this spring the organization has closed its doors. UFRA is also what brought together Sawmi, Jacob and Tina, the three founding members of Heartship Myanmar Japan.


UFRA has generously decided to donate 100% of sales of the UFRA 35th Anniversary album to Heartship Myanmar Japan.

This day, we visited the city hall and

received a total donation of JPY33,000

We are truly grateful and promise to spend the money wisely to support the people of Myanmar.





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