Picture Book Group Seminar  講演&絵本作り

Today we were invited to talk about the current situation in Myanmar and our activities as Heartship Myanmar Japan to a group of volunteers who participate in making a translated version of picture books to be sent to refugee camps around the world🙂 It was pleasing to hear their comments afterwards, that hearing the story directly gives a much better understanding and a sense of personal connection. 


This time, we asked local NPO Ailand to put together a set of cookies with our flyer and sold them for ¥1,000 per set. ¥500 will be donated to support the people in Myanmar. We also had a special giveaway bag for those who purchased two or more sets which was a success since most of people purchased 2 sets of cookies🙏


NPO Ailand is a store where people with disabilities work together in a positive environment, and their cookies, which they have been making for more than 20 years, are really delicious! (They say it took many years of trial and error in formulating the dough, kneading and many other processes to perfect the taste. ) We would definitely like to collaborate with them again if there is another chance in the future.


We would also like to thank Mr. Hachida, chairman of the Shiosai Club (and Bacon Club), who gave us advice on how to work with the community. (BTW, the bacon they make at the Bacon Club is also very tasty!)

また、地域との関わり方についてアドバイスくださった 潮騒くらぶ(べーこんくらぶ)の八田会長にも感謝いたします。(べーこんくらぶで作っているベーコンが、これまたとっても美味しいんですよ!)

After our talk about Myanmar, we also participated in making a picture book. After cutting out the translated sticker sheets, you place it over the Japanese,  being careful not to stick them on the wrong page. (The photos are books for Laos)

At the end, Sawmi read us “The Nameless Cat” in Myanmar.


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