Fundraising event in Urayasu まちづくり活動プラザにて

10月29日(土)、まちづくり講座「国際協力の現場から学ぶ 支援すること 支え合うこと」の一環で開催されたフェアトレード展でハートシップ・ミャンマー・ジャパンも出展させていただきました。

On Saturday, October 29, Heartship Myanmar Japan participated in a fair trade event held as part of the community seminar “Learning from International Aid Organizations”


We sold the donation cookie sets, a set of delicious cookies from a local NPO Airando, and our original MINGALABAR tote bag (proceeds will be used to operate schools in Chin state, Myanmar). The tote bags are also available on our website👜 The design was inspired by a traditional Chin ethnic blanket. We wanted to make a bag that all ages and genders can use!

မင်္ဂလာပါ MINGALABAR ミンガラーバ はミャンマー語で「こんにちは」

This day, it was the first time to wear the traditional Chin blouse that we had ordered from a dressmaker in Myanmar😀


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