Power outages in Yangon, the biggest city in Myanmar ミャンマーの大都市ヤンゴンで停電続く

Yangon, the biggest and most commercial city in Myanmar, has never experienced major power outages in the past. However, since last year’s military coup the country’s social infrastructure has been deteriorating and electricity is now a luxury, even in large cities.


It started with power outages of 4 hours a day in the beginning of February, 2022. During these first few weeks, the blackouts were announced ahead of time  and conducted according to a schedule.


Two weeks later, power outages in Yangon had been extended to 8 hours a day. 


The situation kept getting worse, and now, 1 month later, houses in Yangon get only about 3 or 4 hours of electricity each day.


Now, there are no official announcements about the blackouts so


the people do not know when the electricity will suddenly turn off or back on.  


In this situation, many businesses are forced to shut down. University students, who are trying to continue their education online,  have no choice but to drop out due to the unstable blackout schedule.  


On top of this, the military has recently announced that there will be a 24 hour power outage across the country from March 12 to 18. That means there could be no electricity in Yangon for an entire week.


*The temperature in Yangon currently reaches 38 degrees Celsius (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit). This will put stress on hospitals, schools and the elderly. 


Residential area in Yangon during power outage – PhotoCredit@EPA

Top image PhotoCredit@AFP

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