Power shortage affecting the people 電力不足が深刻化

We reported about blackouts in Yangon last year, but the power shortage has gotten noticeably worse since the start of 2023. The military government has imposed a four hours on, four hours off schedule which rarely goes as planned. People must be ready for a sudden blackout at any time. Sometimes, the electricity will go off after only five or ten minutes. 


Housewives rush to cook rice as soon as the electricity is on, however, when it is cut off minutes after, their cooking is ruined. This kind of situation has become very normal in Yangon. Daily activities such as cooking, and doing laundry have become quite difficult for everyone.


Temperature reaches over 40 degrees Celsius この時期の気温は40℃を超える

Yangon is densely populated and people live in small apartments. Recently, four members of a family were rushed to a hospital after losing consciousness due to heat exhaustion. Sleeping at night without air conditioning or a fan is very difficult. A father of three said, because of the heat his children could not sleep so he had to fan them using plastic fans during the whole night.


Oil prices skyrocketing 高騰する燃料費

Power shortages also badly affect businesses.  An office manager of a Korean company in Yangon said they must use a generator all the time and the running cost is skyrocketing.  The price for oil and maintenance is now five times higher the beginning of 2022.

電力不足は企業にも大きな影響を与えています。 ヤンゴンにある韓国企業のオフィス・マネージャーは、発電機を常時使用しなければならないが、そのコストが高騰していると言います。 燃料とメンテナンスの価格は、2022の年の初めとくらべ5倍になっているそうです。


Hip-hop singer Byu Har, who threw his anger against the junta regime over the lack of power supply in the country following the military coup, was reportedly arrested in Yangon.


It has always been said that power shortages never happen in Nay Pyi Daw, a city built by the junta and the current capital of Myanmar. However, power shortages have become quite regular even in Nay Pyi Daw which shows the country is declining in every possible way.  


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