NPOs also being attacked 攻撃されたNPO

  • FFSS office after being raided 襲撃後のFFSSオフィス

Keeping our partner NPO safe


Heartship Myanmar Japan works closely with a registered NPO in Yangon, but because NPO groups in Myanmar can be attacked and persecuted by the junta, we have had to delete their names and faces from our website for their safety. In addition to our partner NPO in Yangon, there are NPOs doing great work in Myanmar.


FFSS – Free Funeral Service Society

One example is Free Funeral Service Society (Yangon) FFSS, founded by famous Myanmar film director U Tukkha in 2001.  Their main purpose is to provide free funeral services regardless of religion, race and social status.  FFSS has helped around 200,000 funerals since its launch.

2001年にミャンマーの著名な映画監督U Tukkhaが設立したFFSS(Free Funeral Service Society)は、 宗教、人種、社会的地位に関係なく、無料の葬儀サービスを提供することを主な目的として創設されました。 発足以来、約20万件の葬儀を支援しています。

FFSS has also expanded its activities to humanitarian assistance to victims of war and natural disasters.  During the 3rd wave of COVID from June to August 2021, FFSS helped many people during those difficult times. After the military coup, emergency response teams from FFSS helped treat injured protesters who have been attacked by police and military.  

FFSSはまた、戦争や自然災害の被害者への人道的支援にも活動を広げています。 2021年6月から8月にかけての(ミャンマーでの)コロナ第3波の際も、FFSSは困難に直面する多くの人々を支援しました。軍事クーデターの後、FFSSの緊急対応チームは、警察や軍に攻撃され負傷したデモ参加者の治療を手伝いました。

Such activities were not received well by the authorities, and on the night of March 3, 2021, their office in North Okkalapa, Yangon was raided by soldiers and police. They seized computers, phones, and documents from the office and destroyed the rest of their property on the premises. Staff were severely beaten and by the soldiers and police. 

 こうした活動が反対勢力として受け取られ、2021年3月3日の夜、ヤンゴンのNorth OkkalapaにあるFFSSオフィスが、兵士と警察により襲撃されました。彼らはパソコンや電話、書類などを押収し、敷地内のすべてを破壊。スタッフは暴行を受けました。


DKKF – Daw Khin Kyi Foundation

Another NPO that has been attacked is Daw Khin Kyi Foundation (DKKF) which was established by Myanmar State counselor and Noble Laureate Daw Aung Suu Kyin in 2012 in loving memory of her late mother. Its purpose is to improve the education, health and welfare of the people of Myanmar focusing its attention especially on the needs of Myanmar’s least developed areas.

次に紹介するDaw Khin Kyi Foundationは、ミャンマーの国家顧問アウン・サン・スーチーが亡き母を偲んで2012年に設立したNPOです。その目的は、ミャンマーの人々の教育、健康、福祉を向上させることであり、ミャンマーの中でも特に開発が遅れている地域のニーズに目を向けています。

Because of the respect and love people had for General Aung San and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, DKKF received many generous donations.  Aung San Suu Kyi herself donated almost everything she owned; house, land, and money.  Recently, DKKF has also funded many Corona vaccines. 

アウン・サン将軍とアウン・サン・スー・チー氏に対する人々の尊敬と愛情から、DKKFには多くの寄付金が寄せられました。 アウン・サン・スーチー自身も、家、土地、お金など、所有しているほとんどすべてのものを寄付しました。 最近では、DKKFはコロナワクチンの実施にも多くの資金を提供しています。

On February 10, 2021, in the aftermath of the coup d’état, the military-led Bureau of Special Investigation (BSI) raided the foundation’s Yangon office without a search warrant in an attempt to find grounds to bring charges against Aung San Suu Kyi. Officials seized computers, financial records, and bank statements during the raid. On November 12, 2021 BSI destroyed and burnt all the computers at the DKKF office in Mandalay. 


Aung San Suu Kyi seen in 2015 with rafts donated by the Daw Khin Kyi Foundation

It is hard for NPOs to operate safely in Myanmar due to the harassment and the threat of constant attacks by the junta.  Heartship Myanmar Japan puts the safety of our partners first to ensure that they can continue our joint humanitarian mission in Myanmar.

現在のミャンマーでは、NPOも政権による嫌がらせや攻撃される恐れがあり、安全に活動することが困難です。 ハートシップ・ミャンマー・ジャパンでは、パートナーである現地NPOの安全を第一に、今後も協力してミャンマーでの人道支援活動を継続できるように努めていきます。

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