Evidence of atrocities revealed by soldier’s cell phone 兵士の携帯電話に記録された残虐行為の証拠

The many atrocities committed by the junta had been seen on social media, but last month, a cell phone dropped by one of the soldiers was found by a villager, bringing to light many incriminating photos and videos.


Click here to read Radio Free Asia’s article about the contents in the cell phone.

An article was also published in the Japanese media (Kodansha Gendai Business).

Please note that these articles contain shocking photos and content including a video of the soldiers talking and laughing about how they killed people.

携帯電話に保存されていた映像について、Radio Free Asia の記事(英語)はこちら。

日本のメディア(講談社 現代ビジネス)でも記事になっています。


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