We Don’t Know When the Next Meal Will Be 次の食事がいつできるかわかりません

An interview from the people we were able to help last November. We are planning our next donation very soon.


“People who are living here are facing great trouble especially these days. 

Some go to different places such as trash sites looking for plastics, to collect and sell.  

Some are beggars. 

There were some donors before but they donated to houses who live on the main road and we had always been somehow skipped.  Therefore, we thank you so much and we are so grateful that we don’t even know what to say.  

Most of us are not sure when we can have the next meal.  Receiving rice today, we don’t have to worry about tomorrow or even for some families the next 2 days.  

Rice is the main food so please kindly donate rice the next time.  

We are so grateful and we pray that you would be able to donate a lot more in the future.”







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