Dalah House Project – Family #1

Dalah House Project report

After the junta destroyed their house this February, Nyo Nyo Htwe and her 3 sons have been living in a makeshift shelter. Her youngest is 6 months old. She does not know where her husband is, since he become mentally ill after suffering from a head injury and disappears from time to time.

今年2月に国軍に家を破壊されて以来、Nyo Nyo Htweさんと3人の息子は間に合わせの小屋で暮らしています。末っ子は生後6カ月です。夫は頭に怪我をしてから精神を病んでしまい、時々行方不明になるため、今は行方がわかりません。

There are no walls except for some plastic sheets, and they practically live on the earth.


“The other night when it rained heavily, we could not sleep and sat outside all night.”


These days, the price of rice is going up. 4 cups of rice to feed her family for a day, used to cost 1,200 kyats (about 65 cents). Now, it is 1,600 kyats (about 85 cents).


Heartship Myanmar Japan is building a small house for this family.

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