“If this continues, they will be lost in the future without proper education.” 「このまま教育を受けずに大人になれば、未来を描くことができません」

Here is an interview with one of the parents in Satawm village, where Heartship Myanmar Japan has helped to restart education.
ハートシップからの寄付で この夏から学校が再開したチン州サタウム村から、保護者のインタビューが届きました。

“The school has been closed for years, first because of COVID and now because of the coup.  All our children were unable to go to school for many years.  Our children have lost their way and do things that students/children are not supposed to do.  They don’t have any passion to study anymore.  “


右が保護者のPu Lal Rinaさん

“We tried to open school by ourselves.  Some students could study but there are a lot of students whose parents could not afford to let them go to school.  Then, we receive help from Heartship Myanmar Japan. We are so grateful to the people of Japan.  Now our children can go to school in peace without any worry.”  


”Students were not able to study for 2-3 years and if this continues, they will grow physically and they will be lost in the future without any proper education.  So, we are extremely happy that now they are able to go to school in peace.  ”


”I would like my children to study all the subjects; first Myanmar, English, Mathematics and also Hualngo language. ” 

Note: Ethnic groups were not allowed to study their own language until the NLD came into government.



”And I would like to ask whether it would be possible to help us continuously in the future with our children’s education.  We would need all the help we could get and I would like to request the people of Japan to continue helping us, people living in villages of Hualngo Land.  ”


”Again, we would like to thank Heartship Myanmar Japan for donating a lot of money, your help has lifted our burden.  We would like to ask all of you to recognize all the hardship and difficulties we are facing because of the coup and remember us to help especially our children who are unable to continue their education. ”


Your donations will help us to continue to support education in the village🙏

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