Dalah House Project Interview #2 ダラ・ハウス・プロジェクト・インタビューその2

We bring you an interview from family #2 of the Dalah House Project.
Because Mo Mo Cho (age 26) and her family were able to reuse the zinc sheet walls from their old house, we were able to build a bigger house for them. They are a Christian family, and their pastor allowed them to build their new house within the church site in exchange for looking after the church. 
Mo Mo Cho(26歳)とその家族は、古い家の亜鉛板の壁を再利用できたため、他の3軒よりも大きな家を建てることができました。キリスト教一家ということで、教会の世話をする代わりに、教会の敷地内に新居を建てることを牧師が許可してくれました。

“We use to live in a very small place near one of the main streets. After our house was destroyed by the junta, we had to live on the ground. There were insects everywhere and I was so afraid they might get in my son’s ears or nostrils. Watching over my son, I couldn’t sleep at night.”


Mo Mo Cho’s house during construction

“Now that we have moved into this new house, we are so happy. I am so grateful to all the donors. “


“Many of the houses in this area are built with palm leaf roofs and bamboo floors, but this house is better. It’s built on concrete foundation blocks so it’s higher above ground. It has a wooden floor. The zinc sheets for the roof are new, so it’s very strong. We don’t have to worry about rain or wind anymore. The windows provide ventilation.”


“We can now sleep well and eat well. Thanks to God, everything is going really well. We were very much discriminated against by some people but God saved us. “


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